A quite common looking fellow that doesn't like you or your mother.



Joseph “Aardvark” Heller

Bod:3 Agi:4(6) Rea:4 Str:3(5) Cha:3 Int:3 Log:5 Wil:3 Ini:7 Edg:3 Ess:2,9

Karma (Total): 46 Karma (Unused): 11

Qualities Positive Erased 5p Black Market Pipeline 10p

Negative Paranoia 10p Dependant (Elizabeth “Liz” 8-year old girl) 10p Debt 5p


Agi Longarms 3 (Spec Shotgun) Escape Artist 3 Gymnastics (Gr A) Infiltration (Gr S) Locksmith 3 Pistols 1 Exotic Melee Weapon (Grapling Gun) 2 Clubs 1 Unnarmed Combat 1

Cha Negotiation 3 Con 2 Ettiquette 1

Str Climbing (Gr A) Running (Gr A) Swimming (Gr A)

Int Disguise (Gr S) Palming (Gr S) Perception 3 Shadowing (Gr S)

Log Demolitions 5 First Aid 5 Medicine 2

Groups Gr A) Athletics 3 Gr S) Stealth 3

Knowledge Skills Street Dealers 3 Runner Hangouts 3

Academic Mathematics 3 Physics 3

Professional Arkitecture 5

Interests Theater 4

Languages English N Japanese 4 Mandarin 3 Spanish 4


“Neon Rose” Con.R. 2 Loy.R 1 Fixer

“Fry” Con.R.3 Loy.R.4 Fence BMP

“Marty” Con.R.1 Loy.R.1 Drug Dealer

“Tanya” Con.R.3 Loy.R.2 Taxi Driver

“Flamer” Con.R.3 Loy.R.1 Hacker

Lifestyle Low 1 Month Maglock Security R 6 with Keypad, Card Reader, Anti-Tamper R3 & Bio Reader


Fun: 6 Doses Psyche 1 Dose Novacoke

Weapons: Franchi SPAS-22 w/ Foregrip, Lowlight Flashlight & Sling Damage:7P Ap:-1 Mode:SA/BF RC:(2) Ammo: 10(m) Ammo/ Shock Lock Slugs:(+1D-mod): 50 Fletchette Rounds:(+2D-mod, +5Ap-mod, I-arm): 50 Regular Slugs: 50 Gel Slugs:(-1D-mod, +2 AP-mod, Stun, I-arm): 50 Ex-Explosive Slugs: (+1D-,od, -1 Ap-mod): 100 APDS Slugs: (-4 Ap-mod) : 100

Ares Predator IV w/ 10 Spare Clipa, Concelable Holster, Silencer & Hidden Gun Arm Slide Damage:5P AP:1 Mode:SA RC: Ammo:15© Ammo/ Gel Rounds(-1D-mod, +2 AP-mod, Stun, I-arm):60 Regular Ammo:60 Explosive Rounds(+1D-mod):60

5 Kilos Comercial Explosives Rating 4 6 Kilos Foam Explosives Rating 6

9 Detonator Caps

Armor and Clothes: Armor Jacket B8\I6 Helmet +1B\+2I Body Armor Bag B6\I2 Clothes Combat Load Vest w/ 4 Ammunition Pouches Gasmask Suit

Comlink: Sony Emperor w/ Renraku Ichi OS


Sin: Ryan Kane 4 License/ Weapons Permit 4 Demolitions Permit 4 Cyberware License 4

Sin: Lucas Tappman 3 License/ Weapons Permit 3 Demolitions Permit 3 Cyberware License 3

Sin: Marcus Black 3 License/ Weapons Permit 3 Demolitions Permit 3 Cyberware License 3

Tools: Autopicker 6 Keycard Copier 4 Lockpick Set Maglock Passkey 4 Gas Mask Grapple Gun 200m Stealth Rope Rappeling Gloves Gecko Tape Gloves Medkit Rating 6 X2 5 Credsticks

Cyberware: Cyber Eyes Rating 3 w/ Smartlink, Lowlight Vision, Image Link & Vision Enhancement 3 Muscle Replacement 2

Bioware: Elastic Joints

$-15326 Debt – Favour


Even after a stay at the medical college in Seattle he could not get a normal life. During a fight while out drinking he acidentaly killed the other guy. Facing charges and an expulsion he paid an old friend who had some connections to the underworld to erase him from the system.

Some years later he finds himself living in the Redmonds earning some cash by patching up gangers and other unfortunates.


The More Things Change... Captain_Aardvark