Human - Female - Face/Shooter


Name: Jessica ‘Jinx’ Kossuth Player: Liam

Vitals Metatype: Human Hair: Blonde Age: 24 Eyes: Green

Human Abilities: +1 Edge

Attributes – 200BP (+10BP Edge) Body: 3/6 (9) Agility: [6]4/6 (9) Reaction: [6]4/6 (9) Strength: 2/6 (9) Charisma: [6]3/6 (9) Intuition: 5/6 (9) Logic: 4/6 (9) Will: 3/6 (9)

Edge: 3/7 Essence: 3.9325 —Cyberware: 1.335 (reduced to .6675) —Bioware: 1.4

Initiative: 8 Initiative Pass: 2

Walking Rate: 10m/turn Running Rate: 25m/turn

Stun Wound Track: (8 + (3/2)) ] | [ ] | [ ] | | -0 | -1 | -2 | -3 |

Physical Wound Track: (8 + (3/2)) ] | [ ] | [ ] | | [ ] | -0 | -1 | -2 | -3 | Overflow |

Qualites – +20BP First Impression +2 to any social tests during the first meeting Bilingual native tongue in both japanese and english Martial Arts (Karate) +1 DV to unarmed attacks

Addiction (Mild, Stimulants) suffers a -2 to Willpower/Body tests to resist craving (1-2/week) Allergy (Mild, Synthanol) suffers a -2 to all tests while experiencing symptoms Bad Luck when spending Edge, roll 1d6, on the result of 1, Edge spent gives opposite effect desired Prejudiced (Orks, biased) a closet meta-hater – prefs humans to metatypes

Active Skills – 148BP Combat: Automatics: 4 10d6 +2? smartlink Unarmed Cmbt 3 9d6 -Spec. Martial Arts 11d6 STR/2 + 1 (2S) Dodge: 4 10d6 -Spec. Ranged 12d6

Social Influence Skill Group: 3 Con: 1 10d6 (+2) -Spec. Seduction 12d6 (+2) Etiquette: 9d6 (+2) Leadership: 9d6 (+2) Negotiation: 1 10d6 (+2)

Physical Data Search 1 5d6 Disguise: 4 9d6 -Spec. Cosmetic 11d6 Gymnastics 2 8d6 Palming: 2 8d6 -Spec. Pickpocket 10d6 Perception: 3 8d6 Pilot (Ground) 2 8d6

Knowledge Skills (16 free BP) Street - Runner Havens 7d6 +Seattle Street Gangs 8d6 (Spec: First Nations) +Smuggling Routes 7d6 (Spec: Sea-based) Interests -High-Class Restaurants 9d6 -Seattle Street Drugs 8d6

Languages (11 free BP) English: N Japanese: N (Bilingual) Chinese: 4 Spanish: 3 Salish: 2 (Lingo: Cityspeak) Sperethiel: 1

Gear – 36BP (180,000) Weapons AP Dmg Ammo Mode RC Ares Crusader #1 – 4P 40© SA/BF/FA 4 (5) - Mods: Custom Look (lvl 1 [brushed steel, gunmetal color]), Personalized Grip, Internal Smartgun System Firing Selection, Electronic Firing *-1 to perception to hear weapon ~ 34/40 (caseless) Ares Crusader #2 – 4P 40© SA/BF 3 (4) - Mods: Custom Look (lvl 1 [brushed steel, gunmetal color]), Personalized Grip, Internal Smartgun System Sound Supressor *-6 to perception to hear weapon ~ 40/40 (cased)

AP    Dmg    Ammo    Mode        RC

Reach/Range for Ares Crusader -5, 6-15, 16-30, 31+ (med -1, long -2, extreme -3)

Concealable Holster x1 Spare Clips x7 Regular Ammo (cased) x80 B – – Ex-Explosive Rounds (cased) x80 B +2 -2 Regular Ammo (caseless) x80 B – -

ArmorUsed    AP mod    Dmg mod

High Explosive Grenade x3 Flashbang x2

Armor Ballistic/Impact Actioneer Business Suit 5/3 Armor Clothing 4/0 Armor Vest 6/4 -Double Elastin 0/+1

Cyberware/Bioware CommLink -Transys Avalon/Iris Orb Cybereyes (Rtg 3) *Alphaware - Flare Comp. Lowlight Vision, Smartlink, Vision Enhancement (Rtg 3), Vision Mag. Cyberears (Rtg 2) *Alphaware - Audio Enhance (Rtg 3), Ear Recording Unit, Sound Link, Spatial Recognizer Reaction Enhancers (Rtg 2)

Muscle Toner (Rtg 2) Tailored Pheromones (Rtg 3) Platelet Factories Double Elastin

CommLink Programs Response: 4 Signal: 4 Firewall: 3 System: 3

Electronics AR Gloves Sub Vocal Mic Micro Transciever (Rtg 5) Datachip x5

Licenses Fake SIN (Rtg 3) Fake Carry Concealed License (Rtg 4) Fake Drivers License (Rtg 4) Fake Firearms License (Rtg 4)

Tools Flashlight Light Sticks x5

Slap Patches Stimulant Patch (Rtg 6) x2 Tranq Patch (Rtg 6) x2 Trauma Patch x2

Vehicles Hndl Accel Speed Pilot Body Armor Sensor Suzuki Mirage +2 20/50 200 1 6 4 1

Contacts – 27BP Drug Dealer/Fixer 4/3 “Twiggy” Dwarf He’s not only in First Nations gang, but he’s cousins with the big dogs. Not only can he score Jessica some quality stims, he’s certain to know of at least some work around town, and it’s not a stretch to imagine that he’s got ties with fences and armorers around Seattle’s shadows. He likes Jessica, and was good buddies with her late boyfriend, so he’s willing to go out of his way to help; just not all the time.

Armorer 2/2 “Tess” Human She used to visit Jinx’s place of employment every so often, asking to sneak a small, oddly marked shipment onto or off of the most recent ship. After a while, she cut Jessica into the deal, and even helped her out with her first piece. She’s got a few hook-ups, but is plainly just starting out in the biz. Unfortunately, when Jessica quit, she lost her ties in overseas shipping, so she’s not quite as well connected with the ‘hard-to-find’ weapons.

Clubkid 2/4 “Dirk” Elf This guy is a younger sort, and he LIKES Jinx. A lot. Jess’d date him, if he wasn’t only 16. Still, he’s probably her #1 fan, and it can’t be denied that he knows a lot of the going ons around the club scene.

Stripper 3/2 “Cheyenne” Human Jessica both went to school together, and were pretty good friends. She was the nerdy, goody-two shoes type; my, how people change. She’s one of the ‘classy’ strippers, though. She plays arm-candy for high profiles, she does party and personal ‘events’, and is usually hired on an hourly basis. She usually has a well-manicured thumb on the pulse of Seattle’s movers and shakers. She’s the closest contact Jinx have to Seattle’s ‘social elite’.

Rent-a-Cop 1/2 “Gary” Ork Jinx’s a small-time thief… And she’s been caught. As a matter of fact, this guy’s caught her so many times, he knows Jessica by name. Luckily, he doesn’t much care for his job, and was willing to let things slip. Not the most connected fellow, he still knows a thing or two about security systems. His information isn’t on the bleeding edge, but one can’t expect to break into a corporate headquarters on the knowledge from a rent-a-cop, can they?

Paramed 1/1 “Jake” Human Jessica met him the night her boyfriend died. Oddly enough, that night she got his number, and they’ve have hung out on occasion. Slowly, they both drifted apart, and nothing really came of the relationship. Jessica still have his number though… Hey, you never know when you’ll need a bullet removed!

Money + Commodities (4d6+12)x500 21,500 Effects Duration Side Effects Cram, doses of x10 (30NY/dose) +1 REA, + 1 Init Pass 12-BOD hrs 6S dmg Jazz, doses of x26 (50NY/dose) +1 REA, + 1 Init Pass 10xd6 mins Disorientation (-2 to all actions for 10mins)


Background Jessica was born premature in Toronto, ON. When her parents were on ‘last pre-child’ vacation before she was to be born they were involved in a car crash, causing Jessica’ mother to be rushed to hospital when she went into labour early due to trauma. Unfortunately, her mother died shortly after child birth through injuries in the accident and stress from labour. Her father dated on and off for much of her younger years and spoiled her. To her father’s chargin, her spoilt nature often pushed his girlfriends away and eventually, he became frustrated with the lack of feminine companionship. When Jessica turned 12, her father sent her off to a human-only private school in Detroit, telling her it was for her own good. Without parental attention and still receiving lots of presents and money with little responsibility, Jessica became a bit stuck up and flunked out of school at 15. When she arrived home after being expelled, her father threatened to turn her into the workforce if she didn’t go back to school. Faced with an ultimatum, Jessica chose to go back to school, sticking it out for another two years before she met a boy who introduced her to stimulants. Not long after her new found love (and love for drugs) she flunked out. Her father, newly engaged and recently promoted in Ares, cast her out of the house. With nowhere else to turn, she moved in with her drug peddling boyfriend across the country to Seattle. Not accustomed to the ‘low’ life, Jessica became extremely frustrated with life and more reliant on stimulants. Soon after the move, her boyfriend lost the job and with no income to sustain his heavy drug addiction, started to abuse Jessica. Week after week the abuse became worse, and after one particularily bad crash, he broke two of her fingers and Jessica was forced to call Lone Star. When they arrived, her boyfriend refused to turn himself in and ended up on the losing side of a particularly long shoot-out. With few friends, and no home, she was forced to call her father, whom she found out had just remarried. Her father promised to wire her a small sum of money, but she would have to get a job and clean up her drug habits. Dead set on trying to make something of her life again and reconnect with her father, she found a job as a secretary. After a year she managed to move into a respectable apartment in a reasonable part of town. For her 21st birthday, her father decided he would fly out to Seattle and buy her a house. Her fateful 21st birthday would not be so pleasant, as her fathers flight was hijacked by shadowrunners who had been sent to kill him. They succeeded, in an unorthodox manner, as the plane ended up crashing, leaving no survivors. Jessica inheirted a small fortune (the rest of it going to her stepmother). After purchasing an house and furnishing it, she became bored and with a surplus of money, Jessica became a member of “high society” and once again found a taste for stimulants, forgetting an unpleasant part of her past. Becoming paranoid of her stepmother, Jessica started hiring investigators to look into her fathers death, eventually finding unquestionable proof of her stepmothers involvement in her own fathers death. After a ridiculously short court hearing, ruling in favour of Jessica’ stepmother, Jessica became certain that her own stepmother killed her father and not being able to put her stepmother in jail, she swore she would avenge her father. Soon after, her stepmother went into hiding. Seeking to ‘make-right’ for her father, she became determined to come to the bottom of his death and bring justice to those involved her drug dealer introduced her to someone who he said might be able to help her, if she was willing to do some ‘runs’ for him.

Lifestyle, Fleshed Primary location: on the outskirts of a rather high-class elven community in a Seattle suburb (Mill Creek). Elven police and security drones maintain the area (scanning SINs and checking IDs), and anyone who ‘doesn’t fit in’ will likely be reported and watched carefully (High neighborhood). Two-bedroom apartment with a small patio on the third floor of a 6-story apartment building. Have a parking stall in an underground garage, eat soy meals prepared by a multi-function soy processor that makes food that tastes nearly identical to the real thing, and typically wear mid-priced, new clothing (Medium necessities). The apartment is nicely furnished, with matching furniture in every room, virtual window (simulating any view/weather) and wallspace subscriptions, and 3 useful drones (and one drone pet, Zipper the Cat) to take care of the place (dishwashing, vacuuming, and the like) (Medium comforts). The building itself has 24/7 security guards (mostly human, some elves), typical maglocks on all doors, and every room has working smoke detection and alarm systems (Medium security). You have numerous memberships to exclusive clubs, can always get great seats to concerts (your favorite being the new synthMetal band Nighthawk), and even have a few standing reservations at fine restuarants around town (High entertainment). This lifestyle costs 7,000 nuyen per month. Two month’s worth paid for.

Secondary location is quite a bit rougher, useful when you don’t want to possibly lead anyone back to your actual home. It’s located in a dumpy three-story apartment building in Lynnwood, about 10 miles away from the main sprawl of Seattle. The local security is provided by the local gang, First Nations (a fairly large gang made up of American Indians; the same gang your dealer is from, as well as the gang your boyfriend was part of), and for the most part, they’re reliable in taking care of any crime they didn’t commit (Low neighborhood). Your apartment is a small, single bedroom affair. You have a marked lot to park in, and have a modestly stocked cupboard, filled with flavored nutrisoy packets. You also have some old clothes stashed here, for a quick change (Low necessities). You really don’t have any other furniture here, just two, bare mattresses on the floor, some crates for tables, and a couple of ratty folding chairs (Squatter comforts). The building doesn’t have any security guards, but you have a rented Barking Dog drone, and you recently had a maglock installed on your door (Low security). You don’t have any significant entertainment set up here, other than a basic trideo subscription, and a small minifridge with a case of sythbeer (Squatter entertainment). This lifestyle costs 1,400 nuyen per month, and you have two month’s worth paid for.


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